CBC 2018 Information

Posted by: Iain G. Dixon, Sunday 12/06/18
Cackalacky Ballroom Challenge (CBC)

The Cackalacky Beginner Challenge is no more - get ready for the 2018 Cackalacky Ballroom Challenge! Hosted in Talley Ballroom on Jaunuary 20th, this years competition will be a fresh new take on such a great competition, and a ton of fun for all!

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CBC Change and Social Popup!

Posted by: Alexander D. Kanora, Sunday 8/28/16
Cackalacky Beginner Challenge (CBC)

The Cackalacky Beginner Challenge will no longer be held on September 17th. Look on the website for more information soon about the rescheduling date!

Disco Fever Social

Get ready to catch some disco fever at our new social! In replacement of the Cackalacky Beginner Challenge, we're bringing it back to a time where hustle was the best dance around! The social will be from 1:30-4pm on Saturday, September 17th in the Talley Ballroom, and there will be a hustle lesson at the beginning.

First Lessons, Disney Social, and CBC!

Posted by: Alexander D. Kanora, Sunday 8/14/16
First Lessons

The school year is starting again, and that means lessons are also almost ready to begin! The newcomer lesson will be on Wednesday, August 31st at 9 pm in the gym. Bronze will be taught on Thursday, August 25th at 7:45 pm. Get ready to learn!

Disney Social

At last, the Disney Social is upon us! The social will be on October 15th, so make sure to mark your calendars. More information will be given out at meetings and through email as well as this site, so be sure to check back here for more info regularly!

Cackalacky Beginner Challenge (CBC)

The Cackalacky Beginner Challenge will be held September 17th (date to come). More information regarding payment and housing will be sent within the upcoming weeks. We hope that everyone will be able to participate!

Weekly Announcements: Welcome to Dancing With Wolves!

Posted by: Jose R. Hernandez, Wednesday 2/3/16

Weekly Announcements will be posted every Sunday evening in conjunction with weekly emails. Any announcements made during the week will also be posted in an email to those subscribed to our list serve. If you have any questions, email us at ballroomdance-club@ncsu.edu