Jonathan Medlin and Malin Allert

Jonathan and Malin have been dancing together since 2004. They are active Championship Level dancesport competitors in International Standard and American Smooth. Together they have coached the NCSU Dance team since 2012.

Their accomplishments together at the Championship Level include:

  • 1st Place Adult Smooth National Championship 2015
  • 2nd Place Adult Smooth National Championship 2016
  • 9-time Adult Smooth National Championship Finalists
  • National Collegiate Standard Champions
  • 4-time Senior-1 Smooth National Champions
  • World Representative Senior-1 Standard in Prague 2015
  • Prior to dancing together, Jonathan was formerly an Adult Smooth National Champion, Adult Rhythm National Championship runner-up, and Adult 9-Dance National Championship runner-up. Malin, dancing in Sweden, twice placed 7th in the Adult Swedish National Standard Championship, and was a finalist in Swedish National 10-dance Championship.

Jonathan and Malin


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