Dance Studios Around the Triangle


Southern Star Ballroom

This is a great introductory ballroom dance studio that is willing to help anyone who has an enjoyment of dance for whatever the reason. They have $5 socials every first and third Friday of each month. This is a great spot for beginners seeking to go to group lessons and enjoy social dancing!

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Fred Astaire Raleigh

Even though somewhat small, this studio has socials every week and a great staff. Smaller studios are also helpful for learning floorcraft, and the teachers here are great at what they do.

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Triangle Ballroom Dance Center

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A Step to Gold Ballroom

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Arthur Murray Durham

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Fred Astaire Durham

Fred Astaire Durham hosts a large floor with socials at least once every week. Socials can be a little pricey (usually $20), but there are many teachers that both enjoy and are proficient at many styles of ballroom dance. This studio also has quite a large crowd coming in for socials, which allows you to dance with many different types of leads and follows.

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A relatively new studio, BallroomU is a great spot to enjoy dancing with diverse dance styles. With some teachers coming in and out of the studio, many different practices have been taught here. Socials are $10 on Fridays.

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Arthur Murray Cary

While not a huge spot for socials, Arthur Murray Cary has an abundance of group lessons and is relatively close to NC State for a studio in Cary. If you're looking to broaden the amount of steps you know, this is the place to go!

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Crowder Dancesport

Wayne and Marie Crowder host workshops almost every month about one dance or another, and no matter what level you are at, they are always helpful. The Crowders really do know how to make learning to dance the best thing you do all week!

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Elite Ballroom Dance

Elite Ballroom Dance hosts intensive Latin workshops every Monday on a split price with the rest of the group that attends. If you are ready to be a hardcore competitor, this is the place to train.

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